Students & Early Professionals

The WOS prides itself on maintaining a strong focus on students and early career ornithologists. For example, students who deliver as the presenting author an oral or poster presentation to our annual meeting receive a free, one-year membership to the Wilson Ornithological Society. Absent that, we are committed to keeping membership rates low: just $20 annually for students and early-career professionals. Whether paid or free, membership in the WOS is full, and brings eligibility for research grants, discounted rates for meeting registration and publication page charges, and multiple professional development opportunities through service to WOS committees and on our Council.

Specific programs include:

Student & Early Professionals Committee

Annual meetings

Student Travel Awards

Student Presentation Awards

Research Grants

Jed Burtt Undergraduate Mentoring Grants

Guide to Graduate Programs in Ornithology

We welcome students to join WOS, and to participate in many ways!

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