The Wilson Journal of Ornithology is Back on Schedule!

There is a new issue of The Wilson Journal of Ornithology now online! What makes the publication of this issue particularly exciting is that it is the official June 2022 issue (Volume 134, #2). After extensive hard work by our editorial team and our partners at Allen Press, as well as authors, reviewers, and many others, our venerable peer-reviewed journal has at last caught up from the publication delays that began with the untimely death of former Acting Editor Mary Bomberger Brown in 2019.

Remember, WOS members can access the journal for free online (see access instructions here) and receive a 50% discount on author page charges. We thank you for your patience and support and hope you will enjoy perusing this issue, which includes papers on everything from cowbird bill-wiping to how birds respond to flooding in the Amazon!

Celebrate World Migratory Bird Day With the WOS!

Saturday, May 14, is World Migratory Bird Day! As our way of celebrating birds’ amazing migratory feats, we put together this round-up of migration-related papers published in The Wilson Journal of Ornithology last year. When you’re done exploring them, go check out the official World Migratory Bird Day website, which has lots of information and activities related to this year’s theme, the impacts of light pollution on migrating birds!

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Symposium Reminder & Call for Symposium Manuscripts

A message from the WOS Publications Committee:

Organizers of the WOS annual meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico (July 17-20), are currently seeking proposals for symposia, sets of talks organized around a topic of interest. The WOS Publications Committee wishes to invite symposium participants to submit manuscripts based on their talks for a special section in an upcoming issue of The Wilson Journal of Ornithology.  The deadline for proposing a symposium is February 1, 2022. We encourage those that are planning to give a talk at the meeting to reach out to their colleagues and consider organizing a symposium and possibly a coordinated set of papers in our venerable journal.  

We are excited to already have one symposium planned on research and conservation of birds in New Mexico. Other topics that would be sure to attract considerable interest from meeting attendees and readers of the WJO include:  

  • Nesting ecology of passerines 
  • Neotropical-Nearctic migration/stopover 
  • Hybrids and hybridization 
  • Nest-box studies
  • Long-term population studies 
  • Raptors/waterfowl/woodpeckers/etc. 

We look forward to the possibility of meeting in person in July and to the continuation in 2022 of our 134-year practice of publishing the work of our ornithological community.

New Web Page and Other Updates for Wilson Journal of Ornithology

(August 2020) The Wilson Ornithological Society is excited to announce that we have updated and redesigned the web page for The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, and have implemented exciting changes that are intended to maximize access to WJO papers at the lowest possible cost to authors.

The Wilson Journal of Ornithology now offers authors of articles accepted for publication in the 2021 volume (Vol. 133) the following:

  • A 50% discount on pages charges for corresponding authors that are WOS members
  • An inexpensive option for immediate Open Access
  • Discounted publication charges for authors from middle-income and lower-income countries

The new webpage platform, called Meridian, is still hosted by our publishing partners at Allen Press. The old WJO website address ( will always redirect your browser to the new site (, so you should not have to make any changes to your bookmarks. The new site offers easier navigation, functions better on mobile-devices, and includes new features including Open Access to recent Edwards Prize winning papers.

Details about the new Open Access option and scaled publication charges can be found in our revised 2020 Guidelines for Authors, available on both the WOS webpage for the journal and the new WJO website. WOS members will soon receive an email with more details about these changes to our publishing practices and to the WJO web site, including instructions for how to sign up and manage WJO content alerts.