Nancy Klamm Undergraduate Presentation Awards

WOS gives Nancy Klamm Undergraduate Presentation Awards for the best oral presentations and posters at the WOS Annual Meeting with an undergraduate student as the presenting author.

2018 Oral: Luke Hamilton, University of Nebraska-Kearney: “Three undergrads, three metabolites, in three years: a story about Baltimore Oriole physiology”

Poster: Veronica Schabert, Canisius College: “Migratory patterns in male and female Common Yellowthroats (Geothlypis trichas) at different spring migratory sites”

2017 OralNicholas Russo, University of Connecticut: “Avian spring migration as a dispersal mechanism for an invasive insect pest”

Poster: Sarah Toner, Cornell University: “Ornamental plumage in the non-breeding season is associated with behavioral change in a tropical passerine”

2016 Oral: Benjamin Van Doren, Cornell University: “Conserved genomic landscapes of genetic diversity and divergence across an avian family”

Poster: Katie Low, Oregon State University: “Using feathers to monitor mercury: weak correlations to internal tissues suggest limitations”

2015 Oral: Jacob Drucker, Hampshire College: “Interspecific aggression in Neotropical songbirds over a major rainfall gradient”

Poster: Joseph Eisaguirre, Colorado College: “Toward a foundation for determining the ecological effects of climate change on Arctic ecosystems: dietary composition of and overlap between two avian apex predators on the Seward Peninsula, Alaska”

2014 Oral: Cody Kent, Ohio Wesleyan University: “Feather degrading bacteria and avian plumage”

Poster: Gregory Tito, College of William and Mary: “Do social and environmental factors influence vigilance in two Australian songbirds”


Oral: Rachel Hebert, “The process of fledging in the Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides).”

Oral: Felicia Napolillo, “Variation in incubation effort during egg-laying in the Mountain Bluebird and its association with hatching asynchrony”

Poster: Oliver Muellerklein, “Territoriality and spatial dynamics in Grasshopper Sparrows: a mathematical model”

2012 Oral: Sarah MacLean, Cornell University: “Real danger or crying wolf? Auditory and visual threat recognition in gulls”


2011 Oral: John A. Pourtless IV, Florida State University: “An interpretation of the tenth skeletal specimen of Archaeopteryx”

Poster: A. B. Anderson, The Citadel: “Hormonal correlates of West Nile virus seropositivity in House Finches”

2010 Oral: Christina Masco, Cornell University: “Individuality and recognition in the Great Black-backed Gull, Larus marinus

PosterAnne Lugg, Kutztown University: “Aging House Wren nestlings based on feather tract development, wing chord, and head length”

Poster: Jordan S. Kalish, Ohio Wesleyan University: “Bacteria and fungi in the plumage of birds of prey”

2009 Oral: Malcolm Rosenthal, Oberlin College: “Loss of brightness in American Goldfinch bills in response to acute immune response”

Poster: Harden Wisebram, Oberlin College, “Effect of female bill color on male parental contribution in the American Goldfinch”

2008 Oral: Kelly Hallinger, College of William & Mary: “Lifetime fitness of Tree Swallows exposed to aquatic mercury”

Poster: Jack M. Stenger, Ohio Wesleyan University: “The bacterial degradation of phaeomelanic and eumelanic feathers”

2007 Oral: Kelly Hallinger, College of William & Mary: “Does mercury contamination affect bird song?”

Poster: Megan Fitzpatrick: “Nest structure, incubation, egg viability and sex ratios in Tree Swallows in Michigan”