Research Grant Recipients ~ 2016

Louis Agassiz Fuertes Grants

Isabel Rojas, University of Wisconsin (Advisor: Anna Pidgeon): “The effect of landscape corridors on birds with varying traits”

Jaime Coon, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Advisor: James R. Miller): “Grassland birds, an invasive grass, and arthropods: a potential trophic cascade in an actively managed landscape”

Hall/Mayfield Grant

Wanyoike Wamiti, National Museums of Kenya: “Examination of macro and haemoparasites in a Kenyan avian community”

WOS Student Research Grants


Mariamar Gutierrez Ramirez, University of Massachusetts Amherst (Advisor: Alexander R. Gerson): “The effect of lean body mass on migratory decisions of Nearctic-Neotropical migrants after crossing an ecological barrier in spring”

Jennifer Phillips, Tulane University (Advisor: Elizabeth Derryberry): “What are the functional consequences of urbanized songs for female choice?”

Master’s Only

Eleanor Diamant, Columbia University (Advisor: Dustin Rubenstein): “Characterizing female-limited polymorphisms across the Trochilidae phylogeny”

Joshua Robertson, McMaster University (Advior: James Quinn): “Brood parasitism as an evolutionary route to cooperative breeding in birds”

Paul A. Stewart Grants

Alicia Brunner, The Ohio State University (Advisor: Christopher Tonra): “Seasonal changes in habitat utilization of a wintering migrant songbird in response to moisture and prey abundance”

Bryant Dossman, Cornell University (Advisor: Amanda D. Rodewald): “Migratory behavior and winter habitat quality: can birds compensate for migratory delays?”

Charles van Rees, Tufts University. (Advisor: J. Michael Reed): “Integrating molecular tools and automated telemetry to test hypotheses for connectivity in a tropical habitat specialist

Natasha Hagemeyer, Old Dominion University (Advisor: Eric L. Walters): “Examining the long tail: Long distance dispersal in a cooperatively breeding species”

The Committee received 179 applications for the awards.

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