Research Grant recipients ~ 2019

Louis Agassiz Fuertes Grants

Elsa Chen, Virginia Commonwealth University (Advisor: Lesley Bullock): “Understanding the tradeoffs of female aggression in high- and low-density breeding sites for a migratory songbird”

Sheela Turbek, University of Colorado, Boulder (Advisor: Rebecca Safran): “Explaining mismatches between genetic and phenotypic divergence in a rapid radiation of finch-like birds”

Wilson Ornithological Society Research Grants

GlauciaDel-Rio, Louisiana State University (Advisor: Robb T. Broomfield): “Genomic architecture of an amazonian hybrid zone”

Katie Schroeder, University of Massachusetts (Advisor: Jeffrey Podos): “A timeline and mechanism for species-specific song discrimination in nestling passerines”

Masters only

Christine Gurley, University of North Texas Denton (Advisor: Jeff Johnson): “Testing the female-mimicry hypothesis in Painted Buntings (Passerina ciris)”

Jennifer Linscott, University of South Carolina (Advisor: Nathan Senner): “Fleeting stopovers in a long-distance migratory strategy”

Paul A. Stewart Grants

Elizabeth Ames, The Ohio State University (Advisor: Chris Tonra): “Carryover effects between breeding and winter habitat in a Neotropical migrant that is non-territorial on the wintering grounds”

John Muller, University of Oklahoma (Advisor: Jeremy Ross): “Winter occupancy, abundance and movement of Chestnut-collared Longspurs in Oklahoma”

Luke Wilde, University of South Carolina (Advisor: Nathan R. Senner): “Investigating the community effects of spatio-temporal distribution on the predator-prey dynamics in the sub-Arctic nesting-grounds”

Kiah Williams, Tulane University (Advisor: Caz Taylor): “The effects of parental investment and territory establishment on chick survival in Wilson’s Plovers”

George A. Hall/Harold F. Mayfield

Kristina Cockle, CONICET: “Tracking Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) movements from wintering grounds in Argentina”

The Committee received 88 applications.

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