Research Grant Recipients ~ 2017

Louis Agassiz Fuertes Grants

Rebecca Koch, Auburn University (Advisor: Geoff Hill): “Testing the antioxidant benefits of pigments using a carotenoid-free bird”

Ryan Bourbour, University of California–Davis (Advisor: Josh Hull). “Feeding en route: Is raptor migration fueled by migrating songbirds?”

Hall/Mayfield Grant

No grant awarded

WOS Student Research Grants


Cory Elowe, University of Massachusetts–Amherst: “ Integrative investigation of selection and plasticity in the migratory life history of Dark-eyed Juncos (Junco hyemalis)”

Ellie Milnes, University of Guelph and Ontario Zoo (Advisor: Nicole Nemeth): “Investigating bird-tick-pathogen associations: the potential role of migratory passerine birds in expanding the geographic range of Babesia odocoilei, a tick-borne hemoparasitic disease of deer and elk”

Master’s Only

Jenna Mccullough, University of New Mexico (Advisor: Michael Andersen): “Phylogenomics of the pantropical avian clade Coraciiformes”

Dani Valgardson, University of British Columbia (Advisor: Jill Jankowski): “Co-evolution and symbiotic relationships of feather mite fauna and Neotropical woodcreepers”

Paul A. Stewart Grants

Benjamin Bagasse, University of Colorado–Denver (Advisor: Michael Wunder): “Spatiotemporal repeatability in migration of an Arctic-breeding shorebird, the Dunlin (Calidris alpina)”

Katie Bjornen, Northern Michigan University (Advisor: Alec Lindsay): “Avian foraging response to jack pine volatile chemicals”

Ian Ausprey, University of Florida (Advisor: Scott Robinson): “How does dispersal ability and matrix permeability regulate avian community disassembly in fragmented cloud forests of the Andes?”

Joseph Niederhauser, Florida Atlantic University (Advisor: Rindy Andersen): “Post-fledging survival of the Bachman’s Sparrow”

The Committee received 111 applications for the awards.

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