Past recipients of Burtt Grants


Joanna Hubbard (Mentor) and Melissa Bailey (Undergraduate Researcher), Truman State University: Do early developmental conditions affect structural and melanin-based plumage color in Eastern Bluebirds, Sialia sialis?

Daniel Shustack (Mentor) and Hannah Wait (Undergraduate Researcher), Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts: Establishing migratory connectivity of Slate-colored Juncos (Junco hyemalis hyemalis) using stable isotopes


Martha Desmond (Mentor) and Jadzia Rodríquez (Undergraduate Researcher), New Mexico State University: Influence of local and landscape factors on Burrowing Owl artificial habitat site occupancy in Arizona

Robert L. Curry (Mentor) and Taylor Heuermann (Undergraduate Researcher), Villanova University: Influences of DRD4 and SERT on intraspecific and interspecific variation in boldness in chickadees



Morgan Tingley (Mentor) and Nicholas Russo (Undergraduate Researcher), University of Connecticut: Avian spring migration as a dispersal pathway for insect invasion

Kevin Fraser (Mentor) and Ellyne Geurts (Undergraduate Researcher), University of Manitoba: Investigating moult and migration strategies in a long-distance migratory songbird by using stable-isotope analysis


Joel Ralston (Mentor) and Kathryn Marshall (Undergraduate Researcher), Saint Mary’s College: Documenting regional variation in genetic diversity in boreal forest bird populations threatened by climate change

Ralston and Marshall

Mark Deutschlander (Mentor) and Madison Sutton
(Undergraduate Researcher), Hobart and William Smith Colleges: Orientation and energetics of migrant warblers during spring at a northern stopover site

Deutchlander and Sutton