Congratulations to This Year’s Student Presentation Award Winners

Thumbs up to #WOS2022! From left to right: Award winners Alex Sidare, Shane McFoy, and Annika Abbott. Not pictured is Marky Mutchler, who had to leave before the awards ceremony.

One of the most beloved traditions of the annual WOS meeting is the Student Presentation Awards, given to the best oral and poster presentations by undergraduate and graduate students at the meeting. Judges volunteer their time to view and rank presentations, and the awards are presented at the conclusion of the meeting. Please join us in congratulating the four recipients of this year’s awards!

  • Alexander Wilson Prize (best overall student oral presentation): Alex Sidare, “Are flight calls used for intraspecific or interspecific communication in two species of warblers?”
  • Lynds Jones Prize (best overall student poster presentation): Shane McFoy, “Assessing hybrid chickadee cognitive impairment in the wild”
  • Nancy Klamm Oral Presentation Award (best undergraduate oral presentation): Annika Abbott, “Inbound Arrivals: Using weather surveillance radar to quantify the timing of spring trans-gulf bird migration”
  • Nancy Klamm Poster Presentation Award (best undergraduate poster presentation): Marky Mutchler, “The Juruá River as a barrier for different populations of Myrmoborus myotherinus
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About Wilson Ornithological Society

The Wilson Ornithological Society (WOS) is an international scientific society comprising community members who share a curiosity about birds. The WOS produces the quarterly Wilson Journal of Ornithology as the latest iteration of scientific journal publication supported by the Society since 1888. The WOS is committed to providing mentorship to both professional and amateur ornithologists through sponsorship of research, teaching, and conservation. Find us on, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@WilsonOrnithSoc).

1 thought on “Congratulations to This Year’s Student Presentation Award Winners

  1. Congratulations Annika, Marky, Shane, and Alex! Hopefully, you will consider a career in the field, but I hope this research helps you wherever you land!
    Keep up the great work and continue to enjoy the birds!

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