New Web Page and Other Updates for Wilson Journal of Ornithology

(August 2020) The Wilson Ornithological Society is excited to announce that we have updated and redesigned the web page for The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, and have implemented exciting changes that are intended to maximize access to WJO papers at the lowest possible cost to authors.

The Wilson Journal of Ornithology now offers authors of articles accepted for publication in the 2021 volume (Vol. 133) the following:

  • A 50% discount on pages charges for corresponding authors that are WOS members
  • An inexpensive option for immediate Open Access
  • Discounted publication charges for authors from middle-income and lower-income countries

The new webpage platform, called Meridian, is still hosted by our publishing partners at Allen Press. The old WJO website address ( will always redirect your browser to the new site (, so you should not have to make any changes to your bookmarks. The new site offers easier navigation, functions better on mobile-devices, and includes new features including Open Access to recent Edwards Prize winning papers.

Details about the new Open Access option and scaled publication charges can be found in our revised 2020 Guidelines for Authors, available on both the WOS webpage for the journal and the new WJO website. WOS members will soon receive an email with more details about these changes to our publishing practices and to the WJO web site, including instructions for how to sign up and manage WJO content alerts.

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About Wilson Ornithological Society

The Wilson Ornithological Society (WOS) is an international scientific society comprising community members who share a curiosity about birds. The WOS produces the quarterly Wilson Journal of Ornithology as the latest iteration of scientific journal publication supported by the Society since 1888. The WOS is committed to providing mentorship to both professional and amateur ornithologists through sponsorship of research, teaching, and conservation. Find us on, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@WilsonOrnithSoc).

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