Free WOS Memberships for Black Ornithologists

As part of Wilson Ornithological Society’s (WOS) pledge to make ornithology, birding, science, and nature more inclusive, and inspired by our friends at the Association of Field Ornithologists, we are offering free 2-year* memberships in our Society to Black ornithologists.

Included in the WOS’s mission is mentorship for professional and amateaur ornithologists across career stages, and as such we are dedicated to making ornithology a field where all colleagues feel welcome, included, and valued.

The recent incident in the Central Park Ramble has called the Wilson Ornithological Society to action, to intentionally support and invite additional, diverse people to join us in the study of birds.

Offering these free memberships to Black professional and amateur ornithologists is a small first step towards increasing our work to dismantle barriers to science careers and the outdoors so everyone, anywhere, can study and enjoy birds. We pledge to continually examine the WOS’s work to understand how we can better support and promote racial justice in science.

Membership in the WOS gives each person access to the Wilson Journal of Ornithology online, discounted publication page charges for accepted contributions to the WJO, eligibility for our research awards and grants, and mentorship through our community of ornithologists. Members are welcome to serve on WOS committees and share their needs with WOS leadership, so WOS can advocate on their behalf, and so we can all shape WOS into the organization needed to support ornithologists.


Are you a current or aspiring Black ornithologist? Please complete this online form to be signed up for a free 2-year* membership to WOS.

This form may be submitted by an applicant directly, or by advisors and mentors of student applicants on behalf of a student.

Questions or additional assistance requests can be emailed to Patience with reply time is appreciated. We will strive to get complete answers within two weeks of the email received date.


*All memberships are based on calendar year durations. For more information on membership benefits and levels, see the WOS Membership webpage.

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About Wilson Ornithological Society

The Wilson Ornithological Society (WOS) is an international scientific society comprising community members who share a curiosity about birds. The WOS produces the quarterly Wilson Journal of Ornithology as the latest iteration of scientific journal publication supported by the Society since 1888. The WOS is committed to providing mentorship to both professional and amateur ornithologists through sponsorship of research, teaching, and conservation. Find us on, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@WilsonOrnithSoc).

2 thoughts on “Free WOS Memberships for Black Ornithologists

  1. I am teaching a small group of 4th graders basic birdwatching skills. We have five children who are all the children of first responders and I have been with them since the beginning of the lockdown. Being that we are all from Queens, it is not surprising that these kids are from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. These children are very enthusiastic birdwatchers and keen observers. We go on our nature walks every day. Any support you could provide in terms of learning tools, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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